Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Christmas 2014!!

PART 1 (Dec 29, 2014):  What a week! So much happened, I can hardly remember anything. I'm going to try my best to remember it all.
Elder Penman and Elder Christensen, Omagh, Northern Ireland Christmas 2014

So Monday, we played football in the pouring rain. It was so much fun. We got back to our flat for a nice cold surprise. Our central heating broke. Our boiler wasn't pushing hot water to the heaters.
Tuesday, we found a Hungarian man. He loves religion and we told him about the Book of Mormon and he was very interested. One day later we went to teach him, but he wasn't in so we left him a book. We went and visited widows in the Branch and wished them Happy Christmas.
Christmas Eve we went to the Cathers an awesome family who had us over, and we played games and ate pizza. We then helped the father milk 50 cows. It was so fun. We will later help him some more I hope.
The milking shed at the Cather's farm
Christmas we went to Tom's and Skyped home. That was fun. It felt like I was back in our house and then we watched an Arthur Christmas.
I can't finish today but I will next week.
Elder Penman

PART 2 (Dec 30, 2014):   Sorry yesterday we were only able to email for a little because the library closed really early. I didn't even get to tell you about half the week. 

So like I said Monday, we played football in the pouring rain and came back to find our heating was broken. Which we still haven't fixed so our flat is super cold. So we wear our biggest coats around the flat. Then we found Christian and his family.

Tuesday, we went by Christian but he wasn't in. So we left him a Book of Mormon. We then traveled around with President Nelson (Branch President of Omagh Branch) to the single sisters in the branch. We then traveled  to some members to introduce Elder Christensen.

Wednesday, Christmas Eve and Elder Christensen's Birthday we were at the Cathers. I love that family. The father is not a member, the mom is a member and is one of the nicest ladies ever, their son is Royce and their 4 active daughters who are the twins, Brooklyn and Courtney, then Shelly, and then Lucia. We ate pizza with them and we played a bunch of games. Then we helped their dad milk his cows. That was a ton of fun.
Christmas Eve with Cathers
Christmas Eve with Cathers
Christmas Eve with Cathers
We went into this bunker like room with all sorts of gadgets everywhere.  You put these four suction cup thing on the utters and it sucks it up into a glass container which goes to a big refrigerator where the milk cools. 

Thursday, Christmas was at Toms. We had an amazing Christmas dinner. We watched movies and Skyped home. It was a fun day. 

Elder Penman and Tom Henry
Christmas Day at the Henry Home

Christmas Dinner

Elder Christensen
Friday, Boxing Day, which is a holiday over here in the UK and also Ireland. We went to the Nelson's in a town called Mile Town. President Nelson is our Branch President, they made us Mexican food  :)  Not like UK Mexican food but like spicy real Mexican food. It was great. We then played a game called "Ultimate" Uno with a bunch of added rules. It was so fast paced and fun! 

Saturday, we did a lot of tracting but not too many people wanted to hear it because it is still a holiday. We ran into some drunk people and all that fun stuff. While we were going to head to Christians we got a text from him saying he had to move back to Hungary. Man we were bummed, but then he started telling us how much he loves the Book of Mormon and said he was pretty far into the book. Then he told us he was already through 1 and 2 books of Nephi and is now in Jacob. He said he wanted us to teach him over Skype but we told him there were missionaries who could teach him in Hungarian and he said this news is very good. So we are trying to get him in contact through 

Sunday, the roads had frozen over and because there are so many members that are far away there were only 6 members at church and  3 visitors from Leeds England. We only had sacrament meeting and then went home for lunch.

One thing I learned this week is that we all need to master repentance in our lives which will help us reach exaltation.

Mosiah 4:27
27 And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.

From way across the pond,
Elder Penman

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