Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Transfer #4 Begins (Companion #5)

Elder "Wilson" ???
I dropped off Elder Smiler in Belfast and picked up Elder Christensen in the bus station. He has red hair and is an awesome guy. He is from Wyoming, just on the Idaho side of the Tetons but still in Wyoming.  We get  along pretty well. He works really hard  and so we have been biking and tracting all over town. Its funny because we are both out for less then 8 months so we are both really young and not the most experienced. We don't know exactly what to do in some situations so we always ask the district leader. 

I cant believe its already Christmas!!  Its going to be a good one though. I don't know how I feel about talking to my family but I'm excited to see them. But other than that I have no idea what I'm going to say. 

 We got an internet referral for a place called tempo about 20 minute drive south. We got Tom to take us down there and while we drove we saw some beautiful scenery. I got some cool pictures. When we got to the place we knocked and the referral's brother answered the door so we left him with a Book of Mormon for his brother. We will need to go down there when he is in. 

Elder Christensen and Elder Penman....drenched
At the beginning of this week, we got some snow and it was cold. I thought it would be fun to tract in snow but i was wrong. Anything beats having to tract in 1 degree Celsius rain. Yesterday Elder Christensen and I rode our bikes across town to knock some doors and half way through it was dumping and  so we thought we could wait it out under an over hang.  Then the rain started even harder and we were going to be late if we waited. We rode for about 30 minutes in a down poor and by the time we got back to the flat we were soaked!! It was so much fun though. 

Remember Christ this Christmas. Keep the Faith and merry Christmas!

Elder Penman

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