Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Look.... it's the first time you'll see something like this!!!!!!!
I'm so blessed  to be able to serve.
Well P-day is on Wednesday... so sorry about the not emailing back.
The MTC is basically a righteous high school. Its so fun though. I'm in a district with 4 companionships. 3 elder companionships and 1 sister companionship. All 6 of us elders are in one room... it's a party.  I do 100 push-ups and sit-ups with 50 squats every morning. I'm going to be ripped  (;     There are 86 missionaries here, it's the most ever in MTC history. That's pretty cool. I leave here in 6 days--it's crazy!!!!
My companion is Elder Sorensen from Idaho, 60 miles from Canada. He is cool but kind of goofy. He's 19 and he can quote any Disney movie.  It's insane. 
Elder Sorensen from Idaho and Elder Penman
I have never looked forward to sleep so much in my life. We work so hard everyday and do so much. I'm exhausted. I've learned a lot but I already can't wait to go to the field. We teach fake inv. (investigators) and it's hard but every time I teach I get a little better.
Preston England Temple
We went to the temple, it's so pretty. We had the old video, it's  not as good but its got the same message. The celestial room is beautiful and we got to move in the middle of the session  (:    my favorite.
I miss you guys everyday and I can't wait to hear more. Happy Birthday Ray! I cant wait to see you on TV singing Mom   (:     Dad,  I'll read whatever book you want as long as we can talk about it and have that connection. But I hope what I'm doing blesses your life. I love you guys so much   (:    Live by following the Spirit.  I know that's the best way to live. Walk with a prayer in your heart, always connected to God. Carry yourselves with Jesus' comfort and light. If we all do this we can bring truth to the whole world and every nation.
Love, your missionary,
Elder Penman

PS here are some sweet pics.

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