Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hard Work and Football

Sorry, we had zone development yesterday. That's why I couldn't email you till today.

This week was really hard. We didn’t reach our goals. We worked really hard but nothing came of it. Our investigators dropped us, we got tons of fake phone numbers, and tons of fake addresses. People tried to Bible bash us. People swearing at us and people getting in our faces. They were very, very angry. The best part is I love every single one of them. Crazy, right? But I know they did so much for me before we were here on this earth. I know they fought just as hard as anyone to make it possible for us to come here to learn and then go home. I know they are my brothers and sisters and not all of them will accept the gospel because they are not ready and it’s not their time. So I must try my hardest to find the ones who are ready. But we cannot get these results our way... no, no, we must do it our Heavenly Father’s way. It doesn’t work if we are too proud and think we are the best and our way is the best. If we act in the way God would like us to, we would be unstoppable and Satan would be only an ant to us and we could crush him with one step. I truly think I need to find the will of the Lord and then I will have the most success. I know I’m being tried right now but I must push on and get up and the strength the Lord will give me will help me. Like on the hardest days where we tracted for hours and talk to people on the street for hours, I feel the happiest. I don't know why. I just do. I truly think it is only through Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven.

I love studying every morning. I learn more than I ever thought I could. Truly, the scriptures are the words of God and a way He can directly communicate with us. Have questions, study, and you will find those answers in there. My companions have been good examples and amazing teachers. I love being with them because they know so much. Studying starts my day off perfectly, it gives me that boost and preparation to go out and stand strong through the mighty winds that Satan sends my way. I feel like it gives me the armor and the weapons I need to fight. If I didn’t have these things I would get destroyed by the things we are faced with every day.

Football is really fun. I'm getting better every time we play. It’s so cool though that we are able to use it to teach a lesson with an investigator and then play a good old game of football.

I still haven’t picked up on what half the people say when we talk to them. It's funny because my companions understand it all, so they think I know what they are saying... but I truly have no clue so I just have to judge off the feelings I get from the Holy Ghost on what to say. The Holy Ghost is the best when it comes to situations like that. I just clear my mind and start speaking and I say some things I never thought I would say. I say things I don't really even know very well. It truly is a miracle.

Well, zone development is when the whole zone gets together and plays games and gets to know everyone just a little better. We played American Football, capture the flag, Football, Kick ball, and basketball. It was so cool. Elder McFarlane is in my group and went to the MTC with me. He is soooooooooo good at football.  He plays professional football in England and is only 19. We are pretty good friends. I'm gonna talk him into letting me go to his football games for free  ;)  when we are off our missions. No, not really, but he was playing for Chelsey at one point, but broke his ankle and got cut. That’s pretty cool.

Thanks for all the love, support, advice, and prayers it truly helps.

Elder Penman


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