Monday, September 1, 2014

What a turn around!

So the last 2 weeks had been really hard. Now it's looking so much better. We have 3 new investigators.
We were walking back on Tuesday after p-day down a "dodgy" street. We had never been on that street before and we talked to this lady about Jesus Christ. She started crying and saying, "This is crazy. I was gonna get drunk, but i decided to walk instead over here where I've never walked before." She wants to meet with us. Then I was standing there getting rejected by a man, and this lady said,
"YOU'RE DOING GOOD, BOYS!"  We asked if she was a member and she said no, so we asked if we could meet with her, and she accepted.  
We taught the lady from the street named Natalie. We said a prayer and she is so sensitive to the Spirit. She was crying, and said, "I want to stop smoking and drinking tea and coffee."  That was really cool. She wants to be baptized. This disabled lady who can't walk is a new investigator. She loves the message we teach and wants to learn more. A lady named Laura is interested too. We found her tracting and she is very smart and reads the things we give her. She thought there were no girl Mormons because she only has ever seen male missionaries. So we are having a new convert couple help to teach them.
God is so great. When we push through the hard times and keep working. It shows God you are faithful and that you are striving to do His will. He will bless you if you just get up and move forward.
Elder Penman
If you are obedient you will win the prize. Mosiah 4:27

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