Monday, September 22, 2014

Some Advice for Member Missionaries

I want you to tell the ward this. Missionaries go on missions to become better member missionaries to their ward and to learn skills that will help them invite their friends to come to Christ. We are here  to teach people not to waste our time and God's time finding people who don't want to learn these things. Yes, we do find when we don't have lessons, but we are supposed to be teaching people who are ready. The best way missionaries get investigators, and get the solid investigators is through the members. I didn't get this concept when i was home, but by studying the power of the every day missionary book, this is what I've learned. I get so frustrated knowing that I wasn't doing my part to God. I had so many opportunities to extend these commitments and I didn't because I was too afraid of what man thought instead of what God thought. I promise popularity for  you high school kids is nothing compared to the joy and eternal happiness you'll have from extending these invitations. Missionaries baptize more people into the church when the ward and the missionaries are working to the same goal. This isn't for numbers that I am asking you to look for opportunities to  spread the gospel. This is out of love for you and those who will feel true happiness. Why keep to yourself what could make everyone happy. We are part of a living church that needs every member a missionary. Other churches are converting more to their gospel than the true church of Jesus Christ, because all of their members are required a certain number of proselyting  hours. We are not required to do it because we have agency, but we were commanded to by God. I just want to challenge all of you to pray and seek for these opportunities. I want you to search everyday for  some way to extend an invitation to bring someone closer to Christ. I know its hard, and I know when you do hard things you are rewarded.  You also will have a great relationship with God and Jesus and just like it says in Mosiah 4:26-27  When you serve others, you will be avoiding your own sins. I love all of you so much and I know you can become amazing missionaries. 
Love, Elder Penman

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