Sunday, September 21, 2014


A surprise picture on my Facebook page today from my former missionary companion (Canada Montreal Mission 87-88), Soeur Eliane Prat Carre.  She was dropping her daughter Rachel off to attend the University of Glasgow.  They attended the Paisley Ward, where Elder Penman is serving, because her oldest son, Alexis, had a companion from his mission who was living there.  They took this picture after the meeting.

Rachel Carre, Eliane Prat Carre, Elder Penman, Alexis Carre
From Eliane Carre: "We met him in the Paisley Ward. My son served his mission with one of the singles in this ward, so that was also the opportunity to visit his friend and his family ! Your son looks really great ! It was ward conference and he sang in the choir. I thought by looking at him singing that he was worthy of his mother  !"

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