Monday, September 1, 2014

Q & A about mission life

I asked Elder Penman some questions about mission life.  Here are his answers:
Q:  What is your favorite food you've tried since being there, that is something you like?
A: I love King Doner meat kababs
Meat kebab spit (from internet)

Doner King meat kebab sandwich (from internet)

Q: What is the worst thing you've had to eat?
A: I haven’t eaten anything bad yet.
Q: Did you eat Haggis yet?
A: No haggis yet.
haggis (from internet)
Q: What do you and your companions eat?
A: I eat chicken rice, rice and mashed beans, stir fry, mince (beef), vegetables, and fruits. Also, we made lasagna the other day.  It’s cool. 
Q: If I could send you something, what would it be?
A: I want some porcupine meatballs.  ;)  (I think they would be pretty gross by the time they got there!)
Q: I want new pictures of you.  Have you taken any pictures?
A: Ya, but I left my camera at the Paisley Elders’ apartment when I was on exchanges.
Q: Are you sleeping okay, over your jet lag?
A: I’m sleeping great!  I was sick, but I’m getting better.
Q:  Did it ever warm up?
A: It is really warm right now.  Some rain, but mostly warm, but it can get way cold!
Q: Have you been doing any singing?

A:  I’m in the stake choir this coming Sunday.  J

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