Monday, August 18, 2014

Paisley: 1st P-day

I got assigned to an area in the Paisley Zone in Scotland. Paisley is a cool city-- it's super dirty though, and the people don't want to talk. Well, I met my companions. Yes, I have 2. They are zone leaders and everyone keeps calling me a zone baby because this rarely happens, I guess. Both are cool. Elder Andrews is from Star Valley, Wyoming and loves old cars. He loves them so much that when we saw a Camaro, which is super rare to see here, he screamed like a little girl. He  has  12 weeks left. It was hilarious. Elder Benesch is from Gilbert, Arizona and plays baseball. He likes the Broncos :) and played baseball at SVU. He's been out a year. They also like to run for 3 Miles in the morning. I guess that's not too bad, I'd like to run further but they aren't runners, so it's okay.
I have never been sooo tired in my life. We work so hard and long tracting and GQ'ing Paisley, that I am exhausted. Knocking doors is fun, you get yelled at and slammed doors in our face.  It's so interesting to know how hard-hearted these people are.  It's so fun to talk to people about something I love so dearly and that I know is true. It does make me mad when people tell me I'm not Christ-like for approaching people and when they say awful things about Joseph Smith. But I just smile and say, have a great day.  It's funny. There are so many different religions here. All of them going different directions. There is also a lot of hatred towards religions because of the Catholics and Protestants, I don't really know how to spell it, I've only heard it. They fight all the time in some places. Also, people just want to talk about the Independence Vote that's coming up in September, but we aren't supposed to talk  about it.
Streets of Paisley (I like the rubber duck and Captain Moroni on the dashboard)
The culture is so crazy compared to the states, everyone is drunk. It's kind of funny to talk with them, but you don't go anywhere with them. You drive on the other side of the road down streets that can barely fit 2 cars. I got to drive and it was so weird, but I got the hang of it really fast. No one dresses modestly here, you have to look up or down to walk around some times... It's cold outside and you would think they'd freeze. You can't understand a word some people say here. They talk so fast it sounds like another language. I'm picking up on it slowly, it's hard though.
I got to participate in a Confirmation, that was really cool. Our ward mission leader sets awesome goals for us to reach, it's really good. He knows so much about the gospel. I got to watch a Baptism also. That was way cool. Some Elders and I also sang at the services too.
On Thursday the Ward plays football (soccer). The people here are so good.  I play alright and some guy gave me his old cleats.  It was AWESOME. We have a new investigator  that comes. He's good. We just taught the plan of salvation and he is liking the teachings. I invited him to be baptized and he said he will when he learns a little bit more. That was a the best part of my week.
I'm so happy to be out here learning the gospel and gaining more of a testimony every day. The Book Of Mormon is wonderful. It's the only way to truly know if this is true. I love my Savior and all He did for me and you. We are all God's Children. Thanks for all the prayers and have a great week. I'll keep all of you in my prayers. I miss all of you so much.
Elder Penman
Walk with a smile every where you go. 

Inside the flat in Paisley, Scotland

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