Monday, August 18, 2014

High on a Mountain Top

From Elder Penman (email dated August 18, 2014):  "We drove to Edinburgh from the MTC. It was the prettiest drive ever. My mission president is the best. He had us climb to the top of Pratt's Hill and dedicate our mission and make goals that we want to fulfill. I think my goals are pretty good and I'll plan on reaching them. Then we sang "High on a Mountain Top" and all the tourists up there were videoing and taking pictures. It was cool and praying on top was so powerful with the spirit. Mountains (hills) truly are God's natural temple. The view of the city was cool you could see everything.  We could also see all the way to Fife where my  (Penman) family name is from."

View from atop Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh (nicknamed Pratt's Hill to members of the church see explanation below)
Story of Arthur's Peak: Overlooking the great city of Edinburgh, Scotland, is a natural feature known as Arthur's Seat. It is the peak of several small, rocky crags and hills found in what is now Holyrood Park. Its name derives from a connection with the legendary King Arthur. While presiding over the missionary work in Scotland, Elder Orson Pratt first arrived in Edinburgh in May 1840. He ascended Arthur's Seat multiple times. From there, he dedicated Scotland for the preaching of the gospel and prayed to the Lord that he might find 200 souls who would accept his message while he was laboring in Scotland. He was blessed to see that goal realized before leaving the country. Because of that, local Latter-day Saints have sometimes referred to Arthur's Seat as Pratt's Hill.
August 2014 Hike on Arthur's Seat--New Missionaries to Scotland/Ireland Mission

August 2014 new missionaries, hike up Arthur's Seat, probably with trainers and APs to Scotland/Ireland Mission with President Brown

New missionaries and trainers, Scotland/Ireland Mission August 2014 with President and Sister Brown
Panoramic view from Pratt's Hill (Arthur's Seat) taken by Elder Penman August 2014

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